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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Insurance

Do I need auto insurance?
In most states, auto insurance is required by the law. Without this you will not be allowed to buy a car, or operate it if your auto insurance should expire.

Will my auto insurance policy be cancelled if I miss a payment?

This all depends on your auto insurance company, as well as the state that you live in. Even though you will probably receive a late payment notice in the mail, some companies have the right to cancel you.

Will one claim lead to my auto insurance policy being cancelled?

In most cases, one claim will not lead to your policy being cancelled by your provider. But with that in mind, with each claim that you file the chance of your premium rising is very good.

What are points, and how can they affect me?

When you get a moving violation or other type of infraction points may be added to your record. Each type of violation has a point value assigned to it. As you get more points, your insurance premium will most definitely rise as you are seen as a risk.

If I have a broken windshield will my auto insurance company cover it?

If you have comprehensive insurance included in your policy a broken windshield will be covered. If not, you may be responsible for the cost.

Homeowner’s insurance

If my home is destroyed due to a natural disaster, will my home insurance cover me to live elsewhere until I can rebuild?
This depends on the type of policy that you have. In most cases your home insurance will cover you to live elsewhere, but there will be a coverage limit that will only last a predetermined amount of time.

An accident in my condo damaged another one in my unit. Do I have to file a claim?

This will be contingent on the rules of your condo, as well as how the other owner plans on handling things. If you are found to be liable for the damage you may need to file a claim with your home insurance company.

I am thinking of building a new home. While it is being built do I need to have home insurance?

This is something that you should definitely consider. If you do not you will be putting yourself at great risk if something were to happen. Most standard home insurance policies will cover you for damages during the construction phase.

Does flood insurance come with home insurance?

Many people think that with home insurance they are covered against floods. This is not the truth. If you want to have flood insurance you need to add this coverage to your home insurance policy. It is not included.

Renter’s Insurance

How much does renter’s insurance cost?
Renter’s insurance probably costs less than you think. It should run you roughly $10-$25 per month, and you may be able to benefit from certain discounts.

What if I don’t have much personal property?

Renter’s insurance is still important even if you don’t have much personal property because of the liability component. Also, chances are your personal property is worth more than you think. If you don’t have much personal property to insure, then you can save money by choosing a lower policy limit.

Do I need renter’s insurance if I rent a condo, coop, or house?

Yes. Renter’s insurance is important as long as you rent your home. It applies the same whether you rent an apartment, condo, coop, or house.

Will I get enough money to replace my stuff if it gets damaged or destroyed?

That depends on whether you opt for an actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost coverage policy. ACV coverage pays for the market value of your property at the moment before it was damaged. Replacement cost coverage pays you the full cost of getting a new item to replace the one that was destroyed.

Commerical Insurance

What kinds of insurance does my new business need?
The risk assessment process is the basis for determining what insurance you need. Many insurance companies provide a wide variety of business property and casualty coverages. These can be underwritten individually and tailored to your specific business.

Do I need liability insurance?
Basic liability coverages such as provided in business owners’ policies may be adequate in many cases, But if you are in a business or profession where there is an especially high risk of lawsuits (some branches of medicine for example) you may need extra protection.

Who is eligible for a business owner’s policy (bop)?
Small businesses with up to 100 employees and revenues of up to a about $1 million are candidates for a BOP. Some types of businesses, such as restaurants, may be ineligible for BOPs. If so, they should look at the individual coverages they need and purchase them separately. Of course, underwriting standards will vary from company to company. Therefore, the buyer should check with several companies to find out what is available.

Why buy a business owner’s policy (bop)?
Low premiums and a minimum of hassle, since the coverages are prepackaged. But the lack of flexibility may be a problem for business owners who want different options or higher maximum coverage.

But a BOP does not cover every type of risk you might need to insure, so you may need additional types of coverage such as fleet insurance for the automobiles you own, additional coverages for the specific risks faced by businesses in your industry and workers compensation or employee benefits, etc.

I’m just starting a business, do I need insurance right away?
Yes, it is important to get insurance the first day of your business. If you are renting a space, landlords will require that you have insurance, insuring your Business Personal Property and General Liability. The proof of insurance is usually forwarded by us to your landlord via a Certificate of Insurance. Workers Compensation is statutorily needed as well.