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Additional Products & Coverage

We understand that the investment you’ve made in time, money and maintenance in your vehicle is only part of your commitment to collecting. So, Hagerty offers additional customized coverage options:

Spare Parts

Collector vehicle parts – particularly original ones – can be expensive. Homeowners insurance is rarely adequate. So Hagerty allows you to inexpensively protect the parts you store for your collector vehicle.

Automotive Tools

Your policy can cover any tools used to maintain or restore collector vehicles. This includes portable carts, toolboxes and accessories.


Hagerty provides coverage for any historic or collectible item linked with motor vehicles, including gas pumps, model cars, license plates, signs and hood ornaments.

Business Use

Most collector car policies won’t cover you when you use your car for business. Hagerty offers coverage for specific business or commercial uses during specified time frames.

Overseas Shipping

Protect your vehicle (at an Agreed Value) against physical damage while being shipped overseas by air or sea. Coverage is available for cargo shipping, foreign liability and property damage. We also can coordinate coverage during your stay.

Overseas Touring

Hagerty can provide all the necessary coverages to fully protect you while you attend overseas collector car tours and events, while allowing you to drive legally on international roads.

Visiting Collectors Coverage

Hagerty can cover visiting collector car owners who reside outside of the United States when they want to bring their vehicles to the U.S. for an organized collector car tour and/or event.

Club Liability

This annual policy provides general liability coverage for collector car clubs and their members against lawsuits resulting from bodily injury or property damage at club-sponsored events.

Surety Bonds

We offer bonds for many common risks, such as lost or defective title.