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Hagerty Plus Membership & Rules

Hagerty Plus is the nation’s largest community of collector car enthusiasts. Members enjoy a wide variety of hobby-related safety and protection benefits including:

6 ways we’re protecting you and the collector car hobby

  • Emergency Flatbed and Other Roadside Assistance
  • Ask Hagerty Concierge Service
  • Hobby Resources
  • Quarterly Issues of Hagerty’s Magazine
  • Hobby Advocacy
  • Support of the Collectors Foundation

Membership is offered at three levels:

  • 10 Mile Benefit Allowance – Stick close to home? This might be the plan for you. Hagerty Plus pays for the first 10 miles of emergency flatbed towing OR the first $50 of other roadside services, like fuel delivery, battery jumps and lockout service. This plan covers up to three incidents per year for your collector vehicles.
    $24 per year
  • 50 Mile Benefit Allowance – If you cruise to local shows, this plan could be a good option. Hagerty Plus pays for the first 50 miles of emergency flatbed towing OR the first $100 of other roadside services, like fuel delivery, battery jumps and lockout service. This plan covers up to three incidents per year for your collector vehicles, or trailers towing your collector vehicles. And, to ease the strain of a breakdown, we’ll call your family member or friend to pass along information regarding the incident.

    $40 per year

  • 125 Mile Benefit Allowance – If you travel further, this option is a good investment. Hagerty Plus pays for the first 125 miles of emergency flatbed towing or the first $100 of other roadside services, like fuel delivery, battery jumps and lockout service, on up to three incidents per year. And, to ease the strain of a breakdown, we’ll call your family member or friend to pass along information regarding the incident.
    This plan covers all of your cars, not just your collector cars. It also covers trailers towing your collector vehicles.

    $85 per year

To Obtain Emergency Roadside Assistance:

  1. You must call our toll-free Emergency Roadside Assistance Hotline at 888-310-8020 and select menu option #1 to obtain service. There is no reimbursement for services we do not dispatch. Our member service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be prepared to give the member service representative:
  • Your membership ID number
  • Year, make and model of the disabled vehicle
  • Location of the disabled vehicle. If you don’t have an address, you can use a mile marker, highway number, crossroads or any landmark that will assist the service provider in locating your vehicle.
  • When the service provider arrives, show your Hagerty Plus membership card and sign for the services rendered.
  • If the amount due exceeds your benefit level, you’ll need to pay the service provider for any amount over your benefit allowance at the time of service.

Please Note: If you are in an emergency situation such as a vehicle fire, call 911 or other emergency service number immediately.

Safety in the Event of a Breakdown:

If your vehicle is in an insecure location and subject to potential vandalism or theft, an immediate assessment of your surroundings and your safety should be of primary concern. Do not remain in an unsafe area out of concern for your vehicle. In a situation such as this, we recommend you move to a location you deem safe until service arrives.

  • Find a location free from crime, automotive traffic and the elements.
  • Always notify the service operator of the safe location where you’d like the service provider to pick you up.
  • If you are subject to unsafe conditions, make sure to contact the state police, highway patrol or local sheriff’s office for assistance.
  • If you have a breakdown on a highway, never attempt to cross traffic lanes.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Details:

What is Included:

  • Service under Hagerty Plus is only provided when you call 888-310-8020, and select option #1. There is no reimbursement for services we do not dispatch.
  • The Hagerty Plus Emergency Roadside Assistance Program will provide emergency service for the mechanical breakdown of a previously operable vehicle. Emergency Roadside Assistance will get you underway or provide flatbed towing for your collector vehicle to either the closest qualified service provider or your home.
  • Road service benefits include a total of three emergency roadside assistance calls per year and extend to all of your collector vehicles, your collector vehicles and the trailers which tow your collector vehicles, or all of the vehicles you own, depending on the membership level you have selected.
  • Hagerty Plus will pay for the service to dispatch assistance (up to your benefit level). You are responsible for any goods and labor costs incurred beyond your benefit level.
  • Service is included for changing your collector vehicle wheel and tire with your own inflated spare. If you do not have an inflated spare, we will contact a service provider to tow the vehicle to a service location, and advise you of a company that sells spare tires.
  • Winching is covered up to 100 feet off a maintained road.

What Is Not Included:

  • Any services retained directly by you are not covered under the program benefits. You must call 888-310-8020, and select menu option #1 to have service dispatched.
  • The program is not intended as a convenience shuttle and doesn’t include restoration-related towing, towing between two service facilities, recovery of a vehicle subjected to a natural disaster, a vehicle submerged in water or a vehicle on an un-maintained road.
  • Charges in excess of your service limit, if any, aren’t included and are payable by you to the service provider at the time of service.
  • Parts and repair labor, oil, fuel and coolant expendables are not covered.
  • Tire maintenance, including alignment, rotation, balance, maintaining tire pressure and normal wear, is not considered emergency roadside assistance and is not included in this program.

Vehicle Restrictions:

Vehicles in excess of 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW) are restricted and only eligible for the 10-Mile Plan. Examples of such vehicles include but are not limited to:

  • Fire trucks
  • Semi trucks
  • Stretch limousines
  • Buses, coaches and double-decker or articulated buses
  • Military vehicles
  • Tractors
  • Vehicles in excess of 6,000 pounds GVW and vehicles longer than 20 feet cannot be accommodated on a flat-bed recovery vehicle and may require special equipment. Dispatch for service may take additional time.
  • Recreational vehicles, whether towed or powered, trailers and vehicles with tracks (rather than tires) or half-track vehicles cannot be accommodated and are not eligible for Hagerty Plus roadside assistance service.

Trailer Towing & Service

What is Included:

  • This program is available for members of the 50- and 125-mile plans, and is designed for trailers that are towing collector vehicles.
  • As mentioned earlier, each level includes three incidents per year, whether we service your collector vehicle or the trailer.
  • All trailers towing collector vehicles that fit within program limits are eligible. See program limits below.
  • Trailer tire repair is covered under the 50- and 125-mile plans. We will help locate a replacement tire and/or wheel if necessary. If replacement is not available within reasonable distance, Hagerty Plus will tow trailer to service station.

What Is Not Included:

  • Exclusions include but are not limited to:
  • Trailers over 10,000 lbs. combined weight
  • Trailers over 28-feet in length
  • Non-collector vehicle trailers including ATV, utility and RV trailers
  • The cost of locating a replacement trailer tire and/or wheel (parts and labor); Hagerty Plus will pay the service call only.

Family & Friends Notification:

For the 50- and 125-Mile Plan members, Hagerty Plus provides a notification service. To help ease the strain of a breakdown, a representative will call a designated family member, friend or business associate to inform him/her of the incident and of your delay – we can even relay a personal message from you. If we cannot reach them personally, we will leave a message. Calls are limited to the 48 contiguous United States.

Service Exceptions:

  • Some access-controlled roadways, such as the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey , are state- or municipality-controlled. Only state or contracted providers are allowed to provide service on these roadways. In some cases, the providers refuse to work with service networks like ours. In these cases, Hagerty Plus may instruct you to call the police or a local administrator for service and ask you to submit an invoice for reimbursement.
  • Towing costs resulting from an accident, vandalism or fire would normally be recovered through your insurance policy. For towing services resulting from an accident, vandalism or fire, you will need to pay the service provider for the tow and submit a claim for reimbursement.
  • Dispatch of roadside assistance may be delayed due to high-volume traffic (rush hour), weather conditions or a high volume of member requests.

Additional Hagerty Plus Membership Benefits:

Hobby Information Resources

You can access hundreds of safety and protection articles and learn more about your favorite hobby-related subjects online at www.hagerty.com. Featured topics include restoration, maintenance and car care, vehicle values and more. Visit www.hagerty.com to:

  • Access an exclusive online community and share information with other members who are passionate about their cars.
  • Get answers to questions to help you take the best care of your collection and get as much out of the hobby as possible.
  • Take part in surveys to help us learn how to better serve enthusiasts like you.
  • Learn from industry experts with articles covering everything from maintenance to events.

Additional Information Resources:

  • Hagerty’s “The Voice of the Collector Car Community”. This quarterly publication offers expert tips and advice, event coverage, resources, vehicle valuation, special features and more.
  • E-mail announcements on important legislative information, upcoming events and hobby news.
  • Free hobby pamphlets available for download online or in print.
  • Glove Box Guides: little books with a lot of information available at the Hagerty store at http://shop.hagerty.com.

“Ask Hagerty” Concierge Service

This remarkable, totally unique service gives you the freedom to call us with virtually any collector car-related question you may have on nearly any topic: cars, events, selling, buying, restoration, financing. Ask our experts anything, and we’ll answer your questions or get you pointed in the right direction. To contact the Concierge Service, call 888-310-8020, option #3, or e-mail askhagerty@hagerty.com.

Hobby Advocacy

With hundreds of thousands of members nationwide, Hagerty Plus is a powerful advocate for the hobby. When legislative or regulatory issues arise that may impact car collecting and/or restoration, we give our members the information they need to get involved. Hagerty Plus:

    • Represents the interests of collectors, reports on important issues and announces calls-to-action when members need to ban together to support or oppose a particular cause.
    • Has already impacted legislation in dozens of states on issues ranging from inoperable vehicle laws to emissions testing and scrappage.
    • Is eager to hear from members any time they have a concern about legislation that may impact the hobby.

Call 888-310-8020, option #6 or e-mail advocacy@hagerty.comto inform us about these issues.

Collectors Foundation

A portion of each Hagerty Plus membership goes to the Collectors Foundation. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit program is designed to preserve and grow the hobby through:

  • Restoration and automotive design scholarships
  • Collector car safety programs
  • Automotive library and museum support
  • Youth-focused collector car activities

A portion of your membership is donated to the Foundation, so every member is involved in preserving the hobby. Of course, additional donations are encouraged to help keep our hobby around for future generations. Additionally, Hagerty Plus matches all member donations. Visit the Collectors Foundation at www.collectorsfoundation.org. Or, contact the Foundation at 231-932-6835 or info@collectorsfoundation.org for more information.

Membership Discount Program

Because of our industry contacts, Hagerty Plus is able to offer special discounts on hobby-related products and services. Please check http://www.hagerty.com/discounts for more details.