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Motorsports: Pro-Street & Any Raced Vehicles

Hagerty’s program provides off-track coverage for many raced and/or Pro-Street vehicles. Vehicles that are actively raced may qualify for a Hagerty policy; however, coverage does not apply while the vehicle is on-track. Storage and transport coverage for these vehicles is also important for individuals to consider.

Purpose-built vintage racecars can be very valuable and collectible due to their history. Modern, high quality, excellent condition vehicles may also be considered. Pro-Street vehicles include those vehicles with roll cages and tubbed rear wheel wells to accommodate wide racing-type tires; other modifications are generally present.

Raced vehicles and Pro-Street vehicles are carefully underwritten. Coverage may be limited or not available for all risks.


At some point in history, the basic mobile storage unit became an art form. For these, we offer coverage for two types of trailers: vehicle trailers and street rod trailers.

  1. Vehicle Trailers are trailers that are designed to carry a collector vehicle.
  2. Street Rod Trailers (Coca Cola Trailers) are small trailers commonly pulled behind Street Rods and Customs. Typically, these are custom designed and painted to match a Street Rod, but others may look like a miniature old fashioned Coca Cola cooler.


Because the process of restoring a collector vehicle is a significant part of the hobby, we are happy to offer coverage for vehicles that are being “actively” restored. An applicant must demonstrate that the vehicle is being actively restored. Good photographs and restoration details will help verify an active restoration.