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Private Client Services

Welcome to Hagerty Private Client Services (PCS), a suite of products and services designed specifically for collectors with multi-vehicle collections. Requirements vary by state, so ask your Hagerty representative if your collection qualifies. Private Client Services benefits include:

Automatic Value Protection

The insured amount of each vehicle is increased by two percent at the end of each quarter after the policy effective date./p>

Higher Automatic Coverage

We will automatically cover newly acquired vehicles equivalent to the highest valued vehicle you already have insured through Hagerty, up to $2.5 million./p>

Accidental Death Coverage

We offer Accidental Death coverage of $10,000 for a covered accident, $500 of which can cover a family pet./p>

Collision Deductible Limited Waiver

If you have an accident and it is determined that it is less than 50% your fault, up to $2,500 of any applicable deductible will be waived./p>

Trip Interruption Coverage

In the event of a covered accident while traveling in your collector vehicle, you can recover up to $1,500 of your out-of-pocket expenses including use of a rental vehicle, repayment of lost event expenses and lodging./p>

VIN Theft and Fraudulent Title Coverage

If you incur expenses to establish ownership of your vehicle after someone has fraudulently used its VIN number, Hagerty will cover up to $50,000 for approved expenses./p>

Specialized Service

A personal account representative will be assigned to you and your collection.
For more information, please contact the Private Client Services Team at pcs@hagerty.com.