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Retired Commercial Vehicles: Fire Trucks, Military Vehicles, Tractors & Other Commerical Vehicles

Retired commercial vehicles

“Retired” commercial vehicles such as fire trucks, semi tractor/trailers, buses, dump trucks, and tow trucks are favorites of specialized collectors. Since commercial vehicles are typically large and designed to transport passengers or goods, appropriate usage and garaging are primary concerns.

Military vehicles

Older military vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among collectors. So Hagerty offers a program to cover military vehicles that are purchased as a collector vehicle. They must be 1974 or older (end of the Vietnam war), garaged and cannot be used for off-road usage or battle re-enactments. Also, the vehicle must be “de-militarized” (armaments removed or disabled).


The hobby of collecting antique tractors is a very enthusiastic segment of the collector vehicle market. We will offer coverage on tractors that are not used for any type of farming or “tractor pulls.” To qualify, tractors must be 30 years old or older, restored or in excellent original condition, and consistent with a collectible vehicle – no utility use and garaged.